Heritage America: The Top Five Natural Spots to See Before You Die

America, The Beautiful isn’t just a song. My husband, coming from Australia (of all incredible places) was absolutely gobsmacked when he became aware of just how incredibly vast and beautiful America’s nature truly is. In honor of the fall trekking season, I’ve decided to honor our great nation with a look at the top five ULTIMATE natural destinations.

1. Joshua Tree

So astounding that U2 had to name one of their albums after it, a visit to this spot will do things to your brain that even a drug trip couldn’t accomplish. Being a completely unique ecosystem with extraordinarily strange rock formations and alien looking Joshua Trees, this remote desert paradise will create a sense of wonder you never knew you even had. Joshua Tree is one of, if not THE, coolest destinations in America

2. Yosemite

Yosemite is a household name, and possibly the single busiest US National Park in the United States. Thanks to John Muir, this incredible and unique landscape has been preserved, kept as pristine as a global tourist destination can be, and offers unbelievable views if you have the guts to climb spots like Half Dome!

3. The Grand Canyon

America is the Grand Canyon and vice versa. There is, perhaps, no more iconic spot, more associated with our great nation than the Grand Canyon. It’s length and breadth are utterly astounding and visiting there really drives home how massive both it, and the United States really are. Grand Canyon National Park has both north rim and south rim entrances and both are utterly incredible.

4. Zion National Park

If you’re looking for a truly unusual trek with mind-boggling sites, Zion has pretty much everything you’re looking for. From Havasupai, to Canyoneering in “The Subway”, Zion is the outdoorsman’s paradise… especially if you don’t mind getting really wet! It has a dark side, though! During flash flood season, the canyoneering sections become very dangerous and have taken lives!

5. Last, but certainly not least: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone river in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA.

This is not Yogi the Bear we’re talking about here, this is a full-fledged rugged wilderness. Yellowstone, for all its foot traffic is incredibly vast and has incredibly remote hikes. It favors the true outdoorsman, and takes no prisoners. Crawling with Grizzlies, sure, but also a true family destination and part of the *classic* American family vacation!