The Most Remote and Unusual Bars in the World

Texas Bar, Svaalbard, Norway (Arctic)

Texas Bar isn’t really quite a “bar”, in the traditional sense. There is nobody there to serve you. What it really is, is a tradition for northwest passage Arctic explorers. You are supposed to bring a bottle to Texas Bar to leave, and you are supposed to have a drink of something that has been left by prior visitors and sign the guestbook. Visiting Texas Bar is a unique experience for the initiated Arctic Explorer.

Faraday Bar, Antarctica

Located on Vernadsky Research base (in LITERAL FREAKING ANTARCTICA!) faraday bar is where all of the physicists and other researchers for the Ukranian research base, hang to blow off some steam when it’s too cold to go outside (hint: all the time). So, next time you happen to be in Antarctica, you should swing in!

Sunland Pub, Limpopo, South Africa

Dr. Livingston, I presume?
And yes, this is a bar that is quite literally inside of a Baobab tree. It’s located on Sunland ranch and is one of the hidden gem experiences of South Africa. If all of your weird Swiss Family Robinson fantasies haven’t been fulfilled yet, maybe getting plastered inside of a living tree will do the trick…

Daly Waters Pub, Northern Territory

When you’re right smack, dab in the middle of the Australian Outback, it can leave you feeling a little thirsty. The Daly Waters is a classic Australian pub, complete with beer garden and a wall of bras. Known for its rowdy parties, if you’re looking for an authentic and very drunken Australian Outback experience, Daly Waters is your watering hole!

Irish Pub, Namche Bazaar, Nepal

If you haven’t been on the backpacker trail for a long time, you might be tempted to think that it’s incredibly weird that there is an Irish pub in the Himalayas. Just down the way, they’re having buddhist animist ceremonies and slaughtering animals, and here you are, swishing back a can of Bulmers. But, yeah…. The Irish are quite literally everywhere.

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock isn’t a bar, per-se. It’s a restaurant with a lounge. But, it definitely makes the remote, weird, unusual bars list, because it’s literally on a rock in the middle of the ocean in Zanzibar, an island off of the coast of Tanzania, in Eastern Africa. Owned for a long time by a European couple, the Rock is fine dining in the least likely of places, with an excellent wine list. I wanted to go here for my honeymoon, but oh yeah…. checked my bank account and I’m still not a billionaire. Too bad, so sad!